Wilds of Laja

Wilds of Laja

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An incredible scene from the Bio Bio region in Chile. As the sun set on a beautiful day the last light hits the peaks of the mountains in the Laguna Del Laja National Park, the sweeping river of melting snow and ice from the range help the incredible native fauna and flora thrive in this Park. The park also offers a more inhospitable side, where almost nothing grows.

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A ready to hang option that is printed on 360gsm gallery quality canvas and stretched by a professional print lab.

Sizing- 24″ x 16″ (60cm x 40cm) / 30″ x 20″ (75cm x 50cm) / 36″ x 24″ (90cm x 60cm)


A frameless, ready to hang option that has been professionally printed directly onto the back of 2mm piece of acrylic to give this print a spectacular shine.

Sizing- 12″ x 8″ (30cm x 20cm) / 18″ x 12″ (45cm x 30cm)

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