Michael McQueen is a travel, architectural and documentary photographer from Australia, based in Brooklyn, NY.

Michael is available on a freelance basis.

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Travelling is what makes me tick, after studying Photography at MSIT in Brisbane, Australia, I find myself in perpetual motion.

 I have traversed 1/3 of South America on a Motorcycle, cruised throughout the South Pacific, surfed around South East Asia and hiked countless trails throughout Patagonia. All in the pursuit of making photographs. When I am back home I am often up in the Hinterlands losing myself in the ancient forests or waiting for a sunrise along the gorgeous Australian coast.

My passion truly lies in making images, from researching the next vista to enduring the flight, the ride or the hike to get to that scape. For me it’s most definitely about the journey, the hardships, the down and out moments that make creating a photograph all the more sweeter. I believe I have an eye for perspective and the knowledge of light to get the best out of a scene. It wasn’t always this way, I started out my adult life as a landscaper, daily I would be paving pools, digging trenches and building decks under the Australian sun. I definitely feel that, that this has made me a very hands on person, getting dirty and doing the hard yards for a result.

That is the philosophy I carry with me into the field every day.

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