Chile – Argentina: Pucon to San Carlos de Bariloche

Chile – Argentina: Pucon to San Carlos de Bariloche

So taking off where I left off. I left Temuco for the lakeside town of Pucon. The town itself is quiet small and touristy. I had only planned to stay 2 nights but ended up staying a week. There was so many activities to do and the hostel I stayed in (chilikiwi lakefront) was outstanding, the hostel made me want to stay forever, it was so relaxed and the people were just amazing. While in Pucon, I went canyoning, several hikes in national parks, many waterfalls, night thermal pools and attempted to climb a volcano (I was unsuccessful dew to severe thigh, hamstring and calve cramps just over half way up) but not to bother, half way the views were to die for.. and upon my return trip I will climb that volcano.

But as a side story, I had met two other Australians traveling and ended up talking about my motorbike and one told me he rode back home, so me being a generous man, decided to offer him to take my bike out for a little spin. About 15mins had passed and I started to think things hadn’t gone too well.. and literally 2 mins later he walked in the door and looked like a possum in head lights, his first words were “I got hit by a bus” I jumped up from the couch and from waist down he was covered in dust and his leg was bleeding and his shoe was almost completely red. A bus had turned out from being parked and clipped the back of the bike and spun him out resulting in a nasty chunk being taken out of his ankle and a grazed knee… lucky really. The rest of the day was spent at the hospital and joking about what had happened, the perk about being an Aussie larrikin I guess… no matter how bad things get, you can always have a laugh about it.

Lake Tanquilco, National Park Huerquehue, Chile (Volcano Villarrica)

X-Pro1 w/ XF55-200 @55  F16  1/125s  ISO 200

Lake Villarrica, Villarrica, Chile

 X-E1 w/ XF 35mm @F16  1/125s  ISO 200

X-Pro1 w/ XF55-200 @55mm F16  1/125s  ISO200

Climbing Volcano Villarrica, Pucon, Chile

X-Pro1 w/ XF23mm @F16  1/60s  ISO200

X-Pro1 w/ XF23mm @F16  1/125s  ISO200

Small Cascade, Pucon, Chile.

X-Pro1 w/ XF14mm @F16  240secs  ISO400

After hearing many stories about the 7 Lakes route just over the border I decided to head into Argentina and check it out for myself, I had booked 2 nights in San Martin de Los Andes, 1 night in Villa La Angostura and 5 in San Carlos de Bariloche to take me just past christmas. Crossing the border, the ride was just amazing, I had to ride through Villarrica National Park (Chilean side) and ended up in Lanin National Park (Argentinian side) Volcano Lanin was the dominating feature of the landscape and several times I had to stop and just take it in… A huge glacier resides atop the summit and sticks out quiet far (more noticeable from the chilean side of the border). Crossing the border it almost seemed as though the landscape knew to change as well, coming from dense forests to only shrubbery and patchy forests and the further away from the Andes range the less and less trees there was. Still a beautiful place.

Just before the border, National Park Villarrica, Chile.

 X-Pro1 w/ XF35mm @ F16  1/60s  ISO 200

Just after the border, Volcano Lanin, National Park Lanin, Argentina

 X-Pro1 w/ XF35mm @ F16  1/250s  ISO 400

 X-Pro1 w/XF35mm @ F16  1/125s  ISO 200

 X-Pro1 w/ XF35mm @ F16  1/125s  ISO 250

San martin and villa la angostura were both quiet unique places and while San Martin didn’t have much going for it in the sense of natural attractions it was still nice to relax a little and be more like a tourist than a travelling photographer. Villa La Angostura offered way more in the sense of natural beauty. Set on the huge lake Nahuel Huapi, it offers a lot of vantage points for photos and many beaches to explore. 1 Night here was not enough.

On the 7 Lakes Route, Argentina

 X-Pro1 w/ XF14mm @ F18  1/60s  ISO 200

 X-Pro1 w/ XF55-200 @ 85mm  F20  1/250s  ISO 500

 X-Pro1 w/ XF35mm @ F16  1/250s  ISO 640

Currently I am in San Carlos de Bariloche also set on the lake Nahual Huapi it offers a lot of hiking through national parks and to the top of mountain ranges for amazing vantage points. Unfortunately I have been set back with a head cold and been bed ridden for two days now.. Im hoping tomorrow is my day to get out and get exploring. For now here is what I have seen.

Nahual Huapi Lake, Chico Circuit vantage point, San Carlos de Bariloche

 X-Pro1 w/ XF23mm @ F16  1/2s  ISO 400