Chile: Heading south

Chile: Heading south

After some time with family and friends here, I have headed out on my own, just me, my motorcycle and my cameras. After much deliberation I decided to head south first, this means a couple of things.. 1. it’s heading into summer here so I’m not going to be freezing my a$$ off the whole time and 2. TORRES DEL PAINE or known best to some as Patagonia up first.

Now when I say first, it’s gonna take me awhile to get there, it’s almost 2500Km away from me still, but I feel I will be taking the most scenic route there. Buying my motorcycle in Concepcion and riding to my cousin’s house in Los Angeles (not the one with the big HOLLYWOOD sign * that I once climbed *) and right now I’m in a city called Temuco.

While in Los Angeles I went on a small adventure to a National Park. Laguna del Laja. Approaching the park the scenery was amazing, just a straight road heading towards a snow patched volcano. The park started out with huge gorges with green forest and an in season wild yellow flower, once in the park a mere 10min drive on the gravel road the sights changed drastically! It was turning into this black volcanic scape the trees were gone as were the flowers, it was just black everything.

I passed what would be a ski resort when in season but right now it’s abandoned, around a few bends and the scape changes again, I’m weaving around these corners amongst these volcanic boulders that look like they were put there by giants playing with volcanic clay. It sounds bizarre but it feels right to say, these boulders were random and huge, and the road was cut around them. Coming out of the boulder section the scene changes once again, a huge lake appears on the left with mountains diving straight into it, on my side of the lake its black sand patched with what looks like beach fauna and grass and on my right the other side of the volcano.

The mountains diving into the lake were all so different from each other, I could make out small shrubs nearing the tops but the shades of dirt and rock on the mountains were all so different, red, black, brown, green, yellow… it was just a strange barren scape that changed so dramatically.

The park roads got quite dangerous for me on my moto as they turned from gravel into sand and not very well or consistently compacted. I would hit a small rut of soft sand and almost completely lose control. Here is where I do not want to crash, huge jagged volcanic rocks lay on the road side and it would not end well for me if I lost it. I decided to turn back and head back to a spot I found on entering the park for my final photo for the day.

Tomorrow I’m on the road again heading to Pucon and Villarrica.

Here is a selection of photos from my trip so far, from Concepcion to Los Angeles.

Streets of Concepcion, Chile